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Gallery Folders


Hello and welcome to Sailor-Stars!~:heart:
We have a lot of folders in our gallery so this is to help narrow down where your art belongs!~
Thankfully most are pretty self explanatory!~

:star: Featured~

:star: Sailor Moon -
Art of Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino
:star: Sailor Mercury -
Art of Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno
:star: Sailor Mars -
Art of Sailor Mars/Raye Hino
:star: Sailor Venus -
Art of Sailor Venus/Minako Aino
:star: Sailor Jupiter -
Art of Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino
:star: Sailor Chibimoon -
Art of Sailor Chibimoon/Chibiusa Tsukino
:star: Sailor Pluto -
Art of Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meioh
:star: Sailor Saturn -
Art of Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe
:star: Sailor Neptune -
Art of Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh
:star: Sailor Uranus -
Art of Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh
:star: Tuxedo Mask -
Art of Tuxedo Mask/ Mamoru Chiba
:star: Sailor Starlights and Princess Kakyuu -
Art of Sailor Starlights whether transformed or in civilian form and Princess Kakyuu
:star:Sailor Cosmos, ChibiChibi and Guardian Cosmos -
Art of Sailor Cosmos and ChibiChibi (in fuku or civilian outfits) and Guardian Cosmos
:star: Otaku Senshi -
The home for OC Senshi in all forms
:star: Court of Serenity~ Princess + Queen forms -
Neo Queen Serenity/Princess Serenity and the senshi in their Princess forms
:star: Groups -
Pictures containing more then two characters
:star: Couples -
Pictures containing two characters~Romantic or non-romantic
:star: Villians -
All of the Sailor Moon villians
:star: Kousagi -
Art of Parallel Sailor Moon/Kousagi
:star:Queen Serenity -
Art of Queen Serenity~Mother of Princess Serenity
:star: Asteroid Senshi -
Art of the Asteroid Senshi whether transformed or in civilian outfits
:star:Family and Friends -
Art of Usagi's nearest and dearest~
:star:Moon Cats -
All moon kitty art~Luna, Artemis, Diana and Kousagi's cat~
:star: Minor Characters~
All of those lovely background characters~
:star: Summer 2012 Activity~
Our Summer activity, read our blog to find out more!
:star: Cosplay~
All that cosplay goodness~
:star: World Senshi Collab -
Another of our activities~ all otaku world senshi aka Sailor Japan can be found here
:star: Fuku Variations -
Our favourite Senshi in new fuku
:star: Fanfiction -
All fanfiction - no pictures please!~
:star:Sailor Moon Merchandise -
Official Sailor Moon merchandise only
:star: Plushes and Crafts -
Show off your creative skills and put your handmade sailor moon related plushes/crafts here
:star: Crossovers -
Sailor Moon interacts with characters from different tv shows/films/etc

If you still have questions or a request for a new folder then please contact us via note!~thank you!~:heart:


Rules of our group~
1/We accept most art but please make sure it is correctly categorised!
2/Mature art must be labelled as such.
3/ No rudeness/trolling is accepted!~We have to right to block any such troublemakers from the group.
4/ Please submit art to the correct folder, if you have any questions about what folder to submit to (and the guide above doesn't help) then please ask a member of staff for assistance.

Thank you and enjoy the group!~:hug:

Gallery Folders

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon by JackHammer86
Spring by ToriSakura
Giantess Sailor Moon looking at Earth by MarcosPower1996
Infinity 1: Premonition (Part 2) by ThanatosRising
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mercury by MoonlightArt13
Sailor Mercury by JackHammer86
Jeune femme  a l'ecole by Ashkanie2
All girls grow up by katewind
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars by JackHammer86
Sailor Mars with Short Hairstyle by AVGNJr1985
Happy birthday, Rei! by Mileyangel321
Sailor Mars by Avistic
Sailor Venus
Super Sailor Venus by Tobiume1
Sailor Venus by JackHammer86
Side of Seleneti by Ashkanie2
Minako Time by Channel-Square
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter by JackHammer86
Makoto en rendez vous 06 by Ashkanie2
Jupiter by ToriSakura
Makoto en rendez vous 05 by Ashkanie2
Sailor Chibimoon
Sailor Chibi Moon by JackHammer86
Neo Princess Small Lady by CatOfDeadMoon
Chibi Moon Digital art by NoLife-sama
Rini - WIP by Dave-Yerushalaim
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto by JackHammer86

Mature Content

Adulte Setsuna by Ashkanie2
Some kinda Princess Pluto by AmethystSadachbia
SM: Princess Pluto by Kay-I
Sailor Saturn
Sailor Saturn by JackHammer86
Fukumaden  by Ashkanie2
Fan Art - Sailor Saturn - 2011 by KatherineRosePeacock
Feerie de Lolimaru et Ashkanie by Ashkanie2
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Neptune by JackHammer86
Wave by katewind
Experimental Sailorneptune by AmethystSadachbia
Sailor Neptune - Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 by xuweisen
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Uranus by JackHammer86
Tuxedo Mask
Soul by Ashkanie2
Sailor Starlights + Princess Kakyuu
Yaten Kou, sailor star healer by Ashkanie2
Sailor Cosmos, ChibiChibi and Guardian Cosmos
Sailor Cosmos by Channel-Square
Otaku Senshi - All forms
Sailor Peridot and Sailor Zaphir Collab by FireFlea-San
Court of Serenity: Princess + Queen Forms
Outer Senshi Princesses by Destiny1234567
Princess Serenity and Princess Neptune by Alex-Asakura
Two Character Pictures
Nefphrite and Beryl by Alex-Asakura
Malefic Black Crystal by Kittensoft
Let's Draw Cosplay #01: UsagiSeiya by InLoveWithYaoi
Queen Serenity
Sailor Moon: Serenity 2 by Amapolchen
Asteroid Senshi
Experimental Sailorpallas by AmethystSadachbia
Family and Friends
Fish Eye from Sailor Moon by L0riNell
Moon Cats
Cat Diana from Sailor Moon by MoonSelena
Minor Characters
Moon Fairy Diana by Sailor-Serenity
TQTHqsof5To by slivovayaSva
World Senshi Collab
Sailor Mask - Cover by Alex-Asakura
Fuku Variations
Sailor Blonde! by AlyssaStehle
Sailor Moon Merchandise
Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts - Sailor Neptune by MoonCollectar
Plushes and Crafts
Moonlight Project - Moon Openwork Tiara by Hybryda
Sailor Moon scared of Bendy by MarcosPower1996

Random from Featured

157- The Old Days by Silverlegends 157- The Old Days :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 184 46 158-SSSailor-Minako by Silverlegends 158-SSSailor-Minako :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 99 68 164 - At College by Silverlegends 164 - At College :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 64 71 171- You Chose Her by Silverlegends 171- You Chose Her :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 169 99 172-SSSailor-Rini and Hotaru by Silverlegends 172-SSSailor-Rini and Hotaru :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 227 88 174-You Want a What by Silverlegends 174-You Want a What :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 101 235 175- Pull Yourself Together by Silverlegends 175- Pull Yourself Together :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 98 64 178-SSSailor - Minako Plus by Silverlegends 178-SSSailor - Minako Plus :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 69 86 179 - The Last Attempt by Silverlegends 179 - The Last Attempt :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 101 72 180-9000 Pageviews by Silverlegends 180-9000 Pageviews :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 132 224 183-Princess Shimmer by Silverlegends 183-Princess Shimmer :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 44 42 187-Super Sailor Rosalina by Silverlegends 187-Super Sailor Rosalina :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 487 242 201- Sailor Nana by Silverlegends 201- Sailor Nana :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 66 55 198-Super Sailor Samus by Silverlegends 198-Super Sailor Samus :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 233 139 191-Super Sailor Zelda OoT by Silverlegends 191-Super Sailor Zelda OoT :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 153 79 192-Super Sailor Peach by Silverlegends 192-Super Sailor Peach :iconsilverlegends:Silverlegends 668 247






In many countries in this world, we're celebrating the Holidays already... I only want to adress you all and wish you a merry days and a happy 2015.

Now, if you wish to add something Sailor Moon related, comment you thoughts on the first arc of Sailor Moon Crystal.

Happy Holidays!
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Friends of our group!~:heart: Go check them out!~


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